Förster Welding Table Systems

Förster Welding Table Systems, with 25 years of experience in rationalization of welding-related manufacturing processes, are able to realize customer-specific solutions for almost any welding task.

Why welding tables? The most significant cost factor in the manufacturing of a welded construction is not the welding seam; the average seam takes up only about 15% of the actual work time. 85% of the time needed is non-productive time spent with the precise dimension and angle assignment of the individual parts, in addition to measuring, correcting, aligning, and mechanically reworking the components. A precise method for creating an assembly, in conjunction with suitable clamping fixtures and stops, can result in a variety of significant benefits, even in single part production.

The 3D welding table system for a flexible and infinitely variable work. Our modular system, as is shown at the Welding Solution Center, makes it possible to design and customize the widest variety of table surfaces with only a few components. The entire table surface can be moved in varying ways ensuring  the tailored manufacture of lift tables, horizontal rotary tables and vertical turntables.

Learn more at: http://www.forster-welding-systems.com or watch YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4qDNutu9k4