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Brochure Quality packaging cover

Our welding consumables are meticulously packaged to preserve their high quality throughout the delivery process. Our specialized packaging is designed to provide a moisture-free environment, safeguarding the consumables.

Brochure Quality packaging

For detailed information on our shipping methods and the types of packaging we utilize, please refer to our comprehensive packaging brochure below.


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Our services ensure that your essential welding consumables remain dry and protected from moisture

Moisture is still the main enemy for welding consumables. The minerals being used to form the slag that covers the weld pool are highly hygroscopic and should be taken very seriously for submerged arc powder and covered stick electrodes. Moisture also know how to find his way very quickly at folded flux cored wires and it only takes a few hours exposure to humidity before the general requirement of less than 5ml hydrogen in 100gr weld metal is exceeded. The most important steps to prevent hydrogen induced cracking are:

Use airtight packing for covered electrodes
Use seamless fluxcored wires for Mig/Mag welding
Always re-dry sub arc fluxes directly before use
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Vacuum packed electrodes
Sealed for Excellence: Ensuring Optimal Performance with CEWELD®’s Vacuum Packaging

Preserve the Integrity of Your Welds Our new vacuum-sealed packaging is meticulously designed to protect your welding electrodes from moisture and contamination. This ensures that they remain in pristine condition until you’re ready to use them.

Enhanced Durability By removing air and sealing in quality, our vacuum packaging extends the shelf life of your electrodes, giving you the confidence that they will perform optimally whenever you need them.

With safety at the forefront, the risk of hydrogen embrittlement looms large over the integrity of welded structures. Regulatory bodies have imposed a stringent limit of no more than 5 ml of hydrogen per 100 grams of weld metal. This level of safety is attainable only with electrodes that are vacuum-packed. Our proprietary 5-layer, nylon-strengthened vacuum packaging comes with a solid 10-year warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

CEWELD vac-pack