The Welding Solution Center (WSC) is located at the Agro Park in Huissen and is part of Certilas Nederland B.V. The WSC has been designed with the aim of creating a common place for combining and sharing knowledge, skills and expertise in welding and for the development of new, innovative welding processes and procedures. The location (600 m2) accommodates the highest quality and innovative welding processes which the market currently has to offer.

In the WSC we organize workshops, product training, workshops and in-house exhibitions, tailored to meet the wishes of our customers and associates. All this we do in small groups so there is ample opportunity to network and where the dialogue between exhibitors and visitors can take center stage. Within the WSC a lot of expertise is available, but in addition lectures will also been given by third parties. Besides the theoretical part, visitors can see live demonstrations of fully functional set ups which are the best of each segment in the welding industry.

In the past 8 years a huge number of people have visited the WSC on the seminars that are organized periodically. Themes such as stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, copper, cladding and welding economics have already passed. Besides the own seminars the WSC is also open to welding-related companies and groups, such as Foundation Build with Steel and various regional welding groups. Do you want to learn more about the possibilities that the WSC can offer your company, click here.

Together with our partners we will present a number of issues during the year and we offer you the opportunity to subscribe to one of our seminars. Would you like to be kept informed of the activities of the Welding Solution Center, please contact Mr.  p.bovendeerd@certilas.com