Delta Heat Services, specialist in industrial heat treatment

Delta Heat Services specializes in high-quality on-site and in-house execution of industrial heat treatments.

This is done in different ways, such as by means of resistance heating, induction heating, stationary and mobile-annealing ovens, and various other methods.

In the Welding Solution Center we  demonstrate, among other things,our 50 kVA resistance setup and our ProHeat 35 induction machine with Rolling Inductor, for preheating the manipulator.

Delta Heat Services

In addition to performing these processes Delta Heat Services also offers the ability to hire and sale equipment, staff training, consultancy and all to the highest safety and quality standards such as SCC-P and ISO 9001-2008 certifications.

With several locations alongside our headquarters in Stellendam, such as Antwerp, Romania, Portugal, the Carribbean, and the Middle East we can provide customized solutions in terms Heat Treatment around the world.

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