One brand and one brand only, CEWELD

At Certilas, we sell one single brand: CEWELD. By focusing on one brand, we better understand our customers’ needs and can respond to them effectively. This results in improved product development and customer service. Additionally, carrying a single brand is cost-efficient, allowing us to offer the highest possible quality at a fair price. Since we own the CEWELD brand, we can guarantee the consistency and quality of our welding wires.

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Solely one brand stands out: CEWELD

CEWELD® is known for the largest range of welding consumables in the world. We offer products such as Mig-Mag welding wires, OP wires, seamless flux cored wires, Tig rods, stick electrodes and much more. CEWELD® products are known for their high quality and have several advantages, including:

  • Quality assurance: CEWELD® products are CE marked, which means they comply with the latest European standards and regulations.
  • Wide range: They offer a wide range of welding consumables suitable for different applications
  • Proven performance: These products have been used in high-risk applications for decades, chosen for their superior performance and safety
  • Metallurgical support: CEWELD® provides high-level metallurgical and welding support, sharing expertise to improve weld quality.
  • Traceability: Products are supplied from a quality system with traceability, ensuring reliability

All of these factors contribute to the reliability and effectiveness of CEWELD® products in your welding operations.

Quality products are complemented by superior packaging

We pack our products with care to ensure they arrive intact at their destination. On the following page, we will gladly explain how we package our products and why.


CEWELD® products are mainly available from specialized welding shops. If you are interested in locating a shop, joining our network of dealers, or learning more about how we work with our dealers, please click on the links below or contact us.

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We pack our products carefully so that they arrive intact at their destination. On the following page, we are happy to explain how and why we pack our products the way we do

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