Schweissen & Schneiden 2023

Under the roof of the DVS CONGRESS, the well-known specialist conference will take place in September 2023 parallel to the world’s leading trade fair Schweissen & Schneiden  in Essen. In addition to the specialist conference, companies will also present their products and services live on a separate exhibition area and partly “underwater”.

Every two years, the conference brings together researchers and developers, professional divers, diving companies, representatives of the offshore energy market and other interested parties. In the past almost 15 years, the event format has developed into one of the most important forums for industrial divers and companies in the field of maritime technology.

The following topics are on the agenda this year: Underwater welding and cutting, manufacturing technologies for underwater technology, quality assurance, occupational safety, corrosion protection underwater, news from research and development, norms and standards as well as best practice projects.

In addition, together with Messe Essen, DVS is offering its own platform for underwater technology at SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN 2023 for the first time. In Hall 7, exhibitors and experts from the industry will present their innovative approaches and intelligent products - including live underwater in their own diving container - as part of the world’s leading trade fair. Visitors have the opportunity to experience the special features of underwater technology.

The term "underwater welding" covers welding work under various ambient conditions in which the workpieces to be welded are below the surface of the water. This involves working with or without filler metal.

Removing slag under water is an expensive business, and residual slag causes many porosities in multilayer welding that reduce the strength of the weld.

Joints welded under water usually fail when it comes to strength, the rapid cooling and the high concentrations of hydrogen in the weld metal have a negative impact on the mechanical properties. 

CEWELD® AquaForce is the result of 9 years of development through practical testing at professional dive sites in fresh, brackish and salt water. CEWELD® AquaForce offers a self removing slag system that eliminates the need for intermediate cleaning or grinding. On the macro of the all-weldmetal test there are no slag inclusions. This welding test was carried out at 6 meters waterdepth at a water temperature of 7°C

CEWELD® AquaForce has a remarkably calm and stable arc that significantly reduces the absorption of hydrogen. This provides the diver an excellent view on the weld pool and an extremely smooth weld appearance.

CEWELD® AquaForce has a yield strength of more than 500 MPa in combination with impact strengths of more than 27 Joule at a test temperature of 0°C. It offers you the certainty of the best possible underwater welded joint.

Schweissen & Schneiden 2023