Test apparatuur in huis

♦ Portable hardness tester, for hardness grades HV, HB, HRc.
♦ Niton XL3t XRF X-ray analyzer for material identification.
♦ Electroslag and submerged arc equipment for strips and wires up to 3000 amps.
♦ Miller AC/DC powersources 1250 Ampere (3 pcs).
♦ 3 x Strip cladding head 60, 90 and 120 mm with 
♦ Twin 2 wire arc system for the SAW proces
♦ Tandem 4 wire arc system for the SAW process
♦ Micro Plasma Tig EWM equipment up to 100 amps.
♦ Gas mixing equipment for the Mig/Mag proces
♦ FST electric arc spray system 500 ampere / 2 wires
♦ Cobot / Lorch system learning and testing
♦ Yasakawa robot cell with rotating exchange table equiped with Lorch equipment.
♦ Vibrating micro track sieving equipment for metal powders (150 um till -45 um)
♦ Automated welding system for determination of all weld metal according ISO 15792-1 (type 1.3)
♦ 2 Full automatic re-spooling machines for D-200 and D-100 spools
♦ 1 High speed wire straitening and cutting machine for Tig wire in cut lengths.
♦ NEN 3140 inspection center for annual approval of welding equipment.
♦ Pulse Mig/Mag equipment up to 500 amps.
♦ Force Arc EWM equipment up to 500 amps.
♦ Cold Arc EWM equipment for root and thin plate welding.
♦ Tig AC/DC EWM Tetrix up to 500 amps.
♦ Duty cycle load devices for calibration of inverter machines.
♦ Turntable, 1200 mm diameter with 5000 kg load capacity.
♦ Pendulum device for swinging during welding (Mig/Mag, Tig).
♦ Climatic chamber for tests up to 90% humidity at 36 °C.
♦ Electronic microscope for checking the wire surface.
♦ Data logger for temperature and humidity logs.