Welding Pro welding cost calculator 焊接专家成本计算软件

WELDING PRO is the first real welding cost calculator app, making complex calculations extremely simple. The welding wire required, gas and labour cost never appeared so quickly and accurately for each type of welding joint.

WELDING PRO 焊接专家是一款真正实用的焊接成本计算应用软件,它使得复杂的计算简单化。可以对每一种接头形式所需要的焊材量,气体量和人工成本进行快速准确计算。

WELDING PRO contains accurate weld cost calculations for filled welds and single V-, double V- and double bevel joints. This app makes it easy to check where the main welding costs are hidden, now you can compare labour, gas cost and the cost of filler metal in just a few seconds.

WELDING PRO 软件包含对V, 双V等填充焊缝的准确成本计算。此应用软件可以轻松地发现焊接的隐性成本,可以轻松地对对人工成本、气体成本和焊材成本进行比较。

WELDING PRO in practice:  软件试用
Very fast input of data. 快速输入数据
You can select rutile, basic, metal core or solid wire and stick electrodes. 选择焊材类别:金红石型、碱性、金属粉芯、实心焊丝或者焊条。

Suitable for steel, aluminum and stainless steel. 母材种类:钢材、铝材、不锈钢
Calculations are accurate, because it takes variables like losses, duty cycle, weld reinforcement and root height into account. 计算是很准确的,因为其考虑到了合理损耗,负载周期,焊缝余高等因数。

Shake your iPhone to generate an e-mail with an overview of all the paramameters used in your weldcost calculations. 晃一下你的iPhone,发个邮件,就可以获得焊接成本参数概况。

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WELDING PRO is a unique tool, that gives you quick answers to a lot of daily welding questions. It will save you time and take your welding knowledge to a higher level.

WELDING PRO  焊接专家是一款独特的工具,它会对你的日常诸多焊接问题快速地给出答案。节省你的时间并提高你的焊接知识水平。