Seamless fluxcored welding wire (FCAW) 无缝镀铜药芯焊丝

Due to higher quality demands from the welding market the seamless welding wires offer a great advantage. Hydrogen <3 ml/100gr, destortion free feeding and high current capacity are just only a few of the advantages of these type of wires. The production of this welding wire starts with a seamless high frequncy welded 12 mm (1/2 inch) tube followed by filling with agglomerated powder by vibration.

基于焊接市场高质量的要求,无缝镀铜药芯焊丝有诸多优点。例如低氢含量H<3ml/100g,不易变形,电弧能量密度高等特点。此种焊丝由12mm(1/2in) 高频焊管经填塞烧结焊剂粉末制成。