Offshore electrodes for use down to -60 ºC. -60 ºC海洋工程用焊条

After a long period of research and testing Ceweld® finally succeeded to launch two new electrodes with approvals for use down to -60ºC. With these two types almost the full range of high tensile steels can be covered. The Ceweld® 8018-C3 is approved by LLoyds and DNV in grade 5Y46 and covers herewith all steels with yield strenght upto 460 N/mm2. Also we are proud to present Ceweld® 11018-H, this is the first electrode in the world for S690 which is approved for use down to -60 degrees Celsius. Considering that it is allowed to downgrade 2 grades by approval societies it can be used for S550, S620 and S690 (Weldox 700, HY100 etc..)

经过长期的研究和试验,Ceweld®最终推出了两款可以用于有-60ºC冲击功要求的焊条。这两种焊条可以用于焊接现有的各种高强钢。Ceweld® 8018-C3  已经经过LR和DNV的5Y46级别认可,可以用于焊接460 N/mm2级别的高强钢。同时我们也自豪地推出了Ceweld® 11018-H焊条,这是世界上第一款用于焊接有-60ºC冲击功要求的S690MPa级别高强钢的焊条。船级社同时允许其用于焊接2个较低级别的高强钢,比如:S550, S620 以及 S690 (Weldox 700, HY100 等等......)

On top of this you will receive these electrodes in our new re-closable thin can.