Ferrite calculator App for Ferrite calculation 铁素体含量计算器

Full proud we have launched a unique and valuable App for calculating Ferrite in stainless steels. By simply filling the analysis a small blue point will move to the right spot in the diagram. This unique App is now available in the App Store and comes allong free of cost with our famous App Welding PRO ! (The android version will follow shortly)

我们非常自豪地推出了独特的、值得使用的不锈钢中铁素体含量计算应用程序。通过简单的输入分析,一个蓝色的小点就会移动到图表中的相应位置。 这个独特的应用程序可以在我们的应用商店里如同我们的焊接专家软件一样免费下载。【安卓版会随后推出】