Does the wire come straight out of the torch ? 焊丝可以挺直的输出吗?

Welding wires do need a so called minimum "Cast" when decoiling from the spool. A part of the quality control is to check if the Cast is within the limits, according most standards the Cast should be at least 80 cm (32 inch.). To control this cast you can simply cut of around 3,5 mtr (11 Ft) from the spool and by putting it on the ground it is easy to measure the circle. With a wire straitener (Picture 1) the straightness can be optimized to allow the wire to come as straight as possible out of the torch. All Ceweld® welding wires are followed with a strict "Cast" control and for some critical types we even use a much higher standard upto 2 mtr. (6Ft)

焊丝的确有展开的最小弹圈要求。依据大多数标准,最小弹圈直径为800mm (32in)。剪取3.5米(11ft)长焊丝,放置在地面上让其自由弹开,即可测量其弹圈直径。使用如图1所示的校直器,可以使焊丝更挺直的输出。所有Ceweld焊丝完全满足这一要求,对于一些特殊型号,可以满足更高的要求,比如2米(6ft)。

(Pic. 1)