GMAW-GTAW Solid wires

MA 4115

A stainless steel alloy for the assembly and cladding of 17% chromium alloys and age hardfacing components where heat and corrosion resistance similar to AISI 304 is required.
The weld deposit can withstand working temperatures up to 450°C and offers high hardness and wear resistance.

320 Tig

CEWELD  320 Tig was designed specifically to withstand sulfuric acid. Its nickel, chromium, molybdenum and copper levels all provide excellent general corrosion resistance. Restricted carbon plus columbium stabilization permits welded fabrications to be used in corrosive environments, normally without post-weld heat treatment. At 33% nickel, CEWELD 320 has practical immunity to chloride stress corrosion cracking. This alloy is often chosen to solve SCC problems, which may occur with 316L stainless


•       Special alloyed copper wire for Mig and Tig welding
•       The weld metal is a Cu-Al bronze with high aluminium content
•       Sound, pore free deposits.


Recommended for operating temperatures up to 1050°C in carburized invironments in ovens in petrochemical plants.

ER 80S-B3L Tig

ER 80S-B3L is a low alloy copper-coated TIG rod with 2.25% Cr and 1% Mo content, with low carbon content (less than 0.05%), to be used for welding creep resistant steels.

Alloy 263

Allo 263 should be used used for applications up to about 1650°F (900°C). Its oxidation resistance is comparable to that for other gamma-prime-strengthened superalloys. Alloy 263 is an age-hardenable nickel-cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy designed specifically to combine good age-hardened strength properties with excellent fabrication characteristics in the annealed condition. Alloy 263 exhibits excellent intermediate temperature tensile ductility, and is not normally subject to strain age cracking problems common for gamma prime strengthened alloys. 

Al 4Ni0,2Ti Tig

Excellent weldabillity and improved mechanical strength due to its high Nickel content. The weld deposit is free from porosity due to the special shaving process and cleaning method during production.  Thicker sections should be preheated (150°C) prior to welding.

NiCro 601 Tig

Excellent resistance against corrosion and oxidation and suitable for applications when exposed to hydrogen sulfide or sulfur dioxide.

347H Tig

The weld deposit is scale-resistant up to approx. 800°C in normal atmosphere and oxidizing gases. The weld deposit is capable of taking a high polish.

Structure: Austenite with delta ferrite


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