Welding Titanium boilers with a Cold Wire Tig process

Boilers suitable for drinking water are usually made from stainless steel or copper. Inventum in the Netherlands has over 100 years of experience in producing these boilers according the highest European quality standards. For water temperatures between 60 and 70º Celsius both copper and stainless steel has proven to offer sufficient corrosion resistance to grand at least 10 years warranty against corrosion followed by leaking. Now a days the demands are considerable higher because the marked is asking for boiling water directly from the crane in order to have a cup of thee within seconds.

Inventum BV developed the "HotSpot" to give answer to the market. Although it seems like a easy step for a company with over 100 years of experience in making boilers huge problems appeared. Both stainless steel and copper showed inefficient corrosion resistance at these extreme temperatures and other materials needed to be tested. After many years of corrosion against time testing Titanium came out as the best material to be used for the application.Welding Titanium however is a complete different and more complicated matter than the common used stainless steel and copper. When welding Titanium special care has to be taken on the gasprotection of the weld pool but even during the cooling period after the solidification of the weld pool. With Special gas diffusing tools and a complete new build welding station the boilers are locked up in welding clamps to offer a complete inert environment during the whole welding cycle.

In the above picture the final result is shown from the CWT welded seam on the outside of the boiler. The inside (even more important) was kept under backing gas protection during the welding cycle but even spooled before welding to get rid of all oxygen inside. The weld on the inside is even more beautiful than the outside !

Our Ceweld® Titanium welding wires undergo a special cleaning treatment on the surface to obtain the highest quality X-ray proof weld seam, a absolute must if you want to offer the best boiling water crane on the marked !

Inventum BV is granting a lifetime warranty on their Titanium boilers, in our opinion a huge understatement if you carry the slogan "safe and trusted"

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