Electro slag flux for strip cladding / welding

Two complete new electro slag fluxes have been developed with lowest dilution combined with lowest possible burn of on elements as target. Both fluxes contain a very high amount of CaF2 to obtain a remarkable high slag temperature for melting the strip.

As a result of this extreme high temperature the arc becomes extremely stable followed by a self detaching slag without leaving any slag residues on the clad layer. This new development offers you the advantage to obtain less than 5% dilution in just 1 layer.

FL 830 ESHC should be used for the 300 and 400 series stainless steel.
FL 860 ESHC is suitable for practically all nickel based alloys.

Usually we offer  strip from stock in 30, 60 and 90 x 0,5 mm in the alloys; 308L, 309L, 309LMo, 2209 en 316L.
Also the most common nickel based alloys as Inconel 625, alloy 82 and alloy 825 are usually available from stock in 30 and 60 mm.