In this year Certilas was founded as a general partnership and officially registered in the Commercial Register. With the sale of special electrodes of the company Metallogen Germany, mainly for maintenance and repair, a new company was born and started from home.


The lack of storage space for welding materials forced Certilas to move to the commercial property on Stieltjesweg in Arnhem, the Netherlands.


Inclusion of silver solder rings and rods in our portfolio


The creation of our first professional website


Certilas invested in a metal spraying power source to develop metal spraying wire.


Due to exceptional growth, Certilas moved to a new location in Elst with a storage capacity of 900 tons and a fully equipped welding center.


Several new nickel alloys were introduced to our portfolio, such as: Nicro 601 and NiFe13Mn


Certilas has seen ahead that seamless flux cored wires would offer great advantages for offshore applications and started a cooperation with Drahtzug Stein in Germany, with their MEGAFIL seamless cored wires


Introduction of seamless cored wires for Hardfacing


In this year a close cooperation with Huisman Special Lifting in the Netherlands was started, for them seamless flux cored wires with -40 °C approval for S460 to S690 steels were developed driven by Certilas


Co-development of a submerged arc (SAW) flux cored wire/welding flux combination to meet the requirement of 5Y69.


Participation in the shift of the approval limits from -40 °C to -60 °C for the seamless cored electrodes (FCAW/MCAW) of the higher classes 5Y46 and 5Y69


The year of total image improvement through the creation of the CEWELD® brand in new modern colors


Certilas has been awarded a major 3-year contract by Huisman Special Lifting for the supply of all welding consumables in Xiamen China and their production facility in Schiedam in the Netherlands.


This year, two new stick electrodes were developed for -60 °C offshore requirements (8018-C3 and 11018-H)


The CEWELD® select dealer strategy has been implemented in the Netherlands and Belgium. Certilas is proud to present the Filler Metal certificates according to EN ISO 10204, 24/7 online via the website


Welding Pro App is designed for Android and IOS to calculate welding costs quickly and efficiently on a mobile phone


Certilas receives CE certificate for welding consumables from TÜV Rheinland, Deutschland


Launching the best packaging for welding electrodes on the market, made of metal, in a resealable rectangular shape, for easy storage.


Introduction of the first real database for filler metals in the welding industry


Start from a new website based on Drupal 7


A new basic low-carbon flux cored wire was developed driven by Certilas for Gasuni in the Netherlands.


First tests were carried out to develop an underwater welding electrode series for wet welding


Move to a new building with 5,000 tons storage capacity and a 600 m2 test center to Huissen Netherlands. The WSC (Welding Solution Center) was established to share knowledge with the market and create a platform for innovative partners


More than 1500 welding technicians visited the Welding Solution Center. TÜV, Staalbouw Nederland, Lloyds, NIL and many other accreditation organizations held welding presentations


Certilas SAS is founded in France. Market expansion in Europe is strengthened.


Certilas GmbH in Germany was founded. This as a logical continuation of the growth in Europe


The new stick electrode series CEWELD® AquaForce for wet underwater welding is introduced


Presentation and printing of the new catalog of over 300 pages with more than 500 types of Filler Metal and a lot of technical information. This is the reference book of welding technology from THE FILLER METAL SPECIALIST


Launch of the new Website in the new revolutionary design and a re-engineered database. Closely linked also starts the revised App. There is no App that allows easier calculation of consumption values during welding