The difference in practice...

We go further, welding wires are often manufactured under the same EN ISO or AWS standard at several production sites to save logistical costs. CEWELD® welding consumables, on the other hand, are identical in all countries, which guarantees consistent high and better quality.

CEWELD® welding consumables are extensively tested and compared with other brands before they are allowed to bear the CEWELD® name. In addition, a certificate can be downloaded for each product, providing you with the highest degree of safety and assurance that the product complies with the latest standards.

CEWELD® products offer you security because they have been used for several decades in the most high-risk applications and were chosen because they perform better and therefore offer more safety. The world's largest roller coaster, the world's largest crane as well as aircraft engine manufacturers rely on CEWELD® Filler metals because it has to be safe !

Certilas seamless wire