Mig/Mag welding problems



           Possible cause




  • Wire, gas or moisture on work piece
  • Gas flow too low
  • To much gas (turbulance)
  • Gas nozle filled with spatters, diffuser dirty.
  • Stick out to long
  • Gas leakage
  • To much arc voltage
  • Workpiece conterminated
  • Draft
  • Work piece too hot



Slag inclusions

  • Travel speed too low
  • To much wire speed
  • Welding pushing (pulling with slag wires)



Binding failures

  • Arc voltage to high / too low
  • Travel speed to high / too low
  • Low current
  • Angle of torch




  • Wrong welding technick (heat input to high)
  • Wrong filler metal
  • (stainles steel) ferrite too low



To much spatters    

  • Arc voltage too low
  • To much wire speed
  • Bad current carrying capacity (worn out contact-tip)
  • Inductance too low
  • Wrong torch angle
  • Stick out too long



Irregular weld seam        

  • Scale wire speed / arc voltage wrong
  • Irregular travelspeed
  • Irregular stick out



Feeding problems

  • Worn out wire feed rollers 
  • Diameter wire does not fit the rollers
  • Bad conductivity (worn out contact tip)
  • Demaged torch or torch too long
  • Roller presure too low
  • Replace liner



Arc pulls back

  • Arc voltage to high
  • Wire speed to low
  • Wire feeding problems
  • Wire motor worn out
  • Contact tip too hot



Wire sticks in weld pool       

  • Arc voltage too low
  • Wire speed too high