Certilas was founded by Peter Gerritsen as a general partnership in the spring of 1993. Starting selling special electrodes from Metallogen Germany for mainly maintenance and repair for the first 3 years from home, the lack of storage space for welding material forced Certilas to move to a business property at the Stieltjesweg in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

The market showed an increasing demand for maintenance and repair of machines. To meet this requirement, Certilas Technical Service was established in 2001. Apart from a new department, this also led to the company’s move to a new location in the town of Elst (the Netherlands). From this set-up we worked on further growing the Certilas brand. This was achieved by using two different avenues: revenue growth (at the time an increase of 30-50% per year) and entering collaborations with bigger multinationals, Special Metals (previously Inco Alloys) became a partner in the nickel alloys product group and we started collaboration with Drahtzug Stein (today ITW) for the marketing and sales of seamless flux-cored wires (Benelux).

The logical result of these developments was the expansion of the inside sales service. This allowed us to pay more attention to service, advice and export and paved the way to launch our own brand in 2007: CEWELD©.

By doing this, we created the perfect conditions for Certilas to live up to its mission and vision in daily practice: independently delivering goods of a better quality under CEWELD® brand with the best tacebillity and availabillity.

After having created a strong brand name for itself in the offshore business, it was decided CEWELD© should take the next logical step: positioning itself as an ‘A-brand’.

Again the number of customers and transactions increased, so we needed to take a closer look at our internal logistics. Against the prevailing business spirit during the global economic crisis, Ceweld decided to invest in distributing bulk articles using an automated warehousing system. Combining these with shuttle cases and order pickers, Certilas again proved to make a difference due to its innovative character.

The tough market in 2010 made the board of directors decide to review the entire operational side of the company. Certilas once again focused on its core business: innovations, higher quality, tracabillity and availabillity. This led to the introduction of the CEWELD© Select Dealer formula. The result is a structured work environment, allowing us to even better accommodate to our customers’ wishes and to cooperate with them to find innovative solutions for the daily welding practice.

Testament to all this is the launch in the fall of 2011 of a very sophisticated ‘App’: all welding calculations available on your own smartphone for Apple and Android. In addition to this, Certilas developed an innovative and new reclosable tin packing for welding electrodes and three new high basic electrodes for the offshore market approved for sub zero temperaures down to -60ºC.