About us

Certilas® is a true filler metal specialist !

The CEWELD product range is probably the widest range of filler metals you`ll find in the market because we spend all our time and efforts on filler metals and not on welding related products such as welding machines, clamps and helmets.
Our metallurchical team and our application specialists are fully dedicated to improve and develop new products within the AWS or EN ISO standards but also developing special and new products is something that separates us from the competitors. With more then 2.000 tons welding consumables in stock we can grand our customers quick deliveries: goods ordered before 15.00 o'clock are usually shipped the same working day.

We operate from a very modern automated warehousing system and our complete supply chain system is covered by a unique traceabillity system to grant overall quality. Furthermore we offer very user-friendly Apps to easy calculate the cost for filler metal, gas and labor, and you can download certificates according EN 10204, 24 hours per day through our app and this website.

Our Welding consumables fully comply with the applicable international standards. Our aim is to keep looking forward and be a filler metal specialist.